About Us

Hi, my name is Kimberly Worthy. I'm a wife and mother of three wonderful boys. Worthy & Worthy Creations was founded in 2016 in Florida however it was filed in 2017. It all started when I made mickey mouse invitation cards for my son's 1st birthday making mickey pop off the card. I thought nothing of it until a lot of co-workers started to ask me to do invitations for them. Then I started doing t-shirts, wedding gifts, doing a lot of personalizing on everything.

I just couldn't stop thinking of ideas to create. At this time didn't even have a name for it just doing business without a name. That's when the husband Javon Worthy said you need to name this thing. Worthy & Worthy wasn't even the first idea. It was everything but that name and it was the most stressful thing I could ever think of. I wanted something bold something that was giving me the life and praise I put into it.

Then our last name is Worthy so then we both said it at the same time Worthy & Worthy. I loved it however it needed more to it than Creations came along. Making it Worthy & Worthy Creations boy that good. We started right in our apartment on ETSY nothing fancy a small business is what we were. I created everything my mind didn't stop thinking about what I can create next. I learned something new almost every day I was into everything.

Until 2020 I started to narrow down my creations to what people wanted and the new trends. So now Worthy & Worthy Creations make sublimation Tumblers for kids and adults, and Sublimation and Vinyl T-shirts. We also do embroidery on Polo, Jackets, Sweatshirt.